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  • Magazines build “meaningfully different” brands that stand out from the clutter

    In her previous blog post, SPH Magazines' Hafizah Hazahal shared how the Google/Youtube ‘brand safety’ chaos has led to the industry’s reawakening to the importance of branding, vis-à-vis the pursuit of conversions in this digital age. When it comes to branding, a study by Magnetic Media has proven that magazine media excels in building “meaningfully different” brands which drives repeat purchase and grow market share.

    Published 11 August 2017 Opinion
  • Dear Marketers: You need branding to keep pace with conversions!

    Challenging times have led businesses to be obsessed with chasing conversions… which can be at the expense of the brand. Just look at what happened in the recent chaos which saw many brand owners freezing their adspend on Google and Youtube, following the realisation that their ads are appearing alongside offensive content on these platforms.

    Published 04 August 2017 Opinion
  • Three things the new YouTube champion tells us about going viral

    Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again replaced Gangnam Style earlier this month as the most viewed YouTube video in history, much to the surprise of the industry and consumer press. Here, we look at some of the factors that have contributed to the video’s success, and how publishers can capitalise on this formula.

    Published 27 July 2017 Opinion
  • Can magazine brands, advertisers reach millennials?

    Millennials. It’s the perennial buzzword. A lot of research has gone into identifying just who these people are, and the results have not always been pretty.

    Published 20 July 2017 Opinion
  • Advertising transparency and trust: the case for independent verification of audience data

    In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace where media buyers are being held ever more accountable for buying decisions, margins and best industry practices, there is the danger that they may be relinquishing control of the process. This while those selling advertising solutions may be offering promises they cannot deliver. This begs the question, writes BPA Worldwide’s Glenn Hansen in this piece for FIPP: What traits and behaviours does the next generation marketer need to survive and thrive?

    Published 28 June 2017 Opinion
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