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Brand thinking, content distribution and 'intentional evolution' join our free FIPP Insider webinars. Wonder how brands are thinking about their marketing in a post-lockdown (or intermittently locked) world? And what this means for you? Thinking about how this new world has impacted media consumption, and what that means for the future? Wishing you could press a reset button, and build your business in the same principles some of the most innovative organisations in the world do? Then sign up for our next webinars in our new FIPP Insider Webinar series.

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>> Key findings from the MPA Factbook 2020

Thursday 16 July, 3pm london time (10am Eastern Time US and Canada)

Join us to hear the key findings from the 2020 edition of the MPA Factbook, published at the end of June. We'll be discussing how magazines have performed before and during the coronavirus crisis and showing you the key facts about the state of the magazine industry. Joining host James Hewes, President & CEO of FIPP, will be Todd Krizelman, Founder & CEO of MediaRadar.

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Past webinars


>> How to avoid the "unexpected" pitfalls of remote publishing

Monday 30 March 2020

The first FIPP Insider Webinar took place on Monday 30 March, with Kilian Schalk, founder of PurpleGray Consulting, talking to FIPP CEO James Hewes about the essential steps needed to kickstart your publishing process by way of a team remote working environment.

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>> John Wilpers reveals key insights from the new Innovation in Media World Report

Thursday 16 April 2020

On Thursday 16th April, FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes, joined John Wilpers, Senior Director at Innovation Media Consulting (IMC) for a special webinar looking at some of the key takeaways from the new 2020-21 Innovation in Media World Report.

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>> Global Brand Marketing Strategies

Thursday 23 April 2020

A joint look from The River Group and Capgemini at best practices that can be applied to brand communications during the global coronavirus pandemic. 

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>> Re-thinking Content Distribution in the Post-COVID Age

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader’s CEO, International and Chief Content Officer, discusses how to mobilise creative thinking at the time of crisis, and ways in which content producers can be successful in the rapidly changing world of content distribution by leveraging BE 2.0 innovative technology for magazines, current usage trends, and the power of aggregation in hard-to-reach areas.

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>> Tom Triumph on Intentional Evolution: And How We Can Impact the Five Pillars of Every Organisation

Thursday 30 April 2020

There is real opportunity for innovators to impact every aspect of an organisation. Yet all too often innovation is considered something only applicable to products and services. In this informative and engaging webinar, Tom Triumph covers what he describes as the five fundamental pillars of every organisation and, using real-world stories (and some puzzles involving the audience) discusses how we as innovators can impact the entire organisation.

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>> Digital Subscriptions Report Q2 2020 Update with CeleraOne

Thursday 7 May 2020

The latest results from the FIPP / CeleraOne Digital Subscriptions Report. The Q2 2020 update of the report features the latest data on digital subscriptions numbers from across the world and you can see the results being presented live.

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>> Data-driven pricing strategies that grow subscription revenue with Mather & Atlantic

Thursday 14 May 2020

Our guests are executives from Mather Economics and Atlantic Media. Mather is an expert on news media and magazine media subscription strategies and best practices, with 200+ current customers worldwide. The Atlantic will speak about lessons learnt in their attempts to establish and grow subscriptions revenue with acquisition, retention and pricing best practices.

During the webinar, we will also discuss developing reader revenue trends they believe will stand media companies in good stead as we move into a world of potential intermittent lock-downs until a Covid-19 vaccine is found and widely available.

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>> Sustainable revenue: How European premium publishers turned to e-commerce

Tuesday 19 May 2020

InStyle has used e-commerce to create an award winning business model that regularly outperforms advertising and affiliate marketing. In this webinar, Tipser founder Axel Wolrath will take you through the steps of how InStyle developed their concept and how it has helped them carry through times when advertising revenues are in decline.

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>> Dow Jones on opportunities and challenges for publishers in lockdown

Thursday 21 May 2020

The post lockdown or intermittent lockdown world will provide a blend of challenges and opportunities for media organisations. Many long-held business assumptions, strategies and product offerings will require re-evaluation and thought. Success through partnerships will also provide businesses with opportunities to evolve as 'the new normal' takes shape. Join FIPP President and CEO James Hewes and three senior Dow Jones executives to discuss some of the work they have been doing to adapt to the changing media landscape.

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>> How to communicate virtually, brilliant with Andy Bounds

Thursday 11 June 2020

This webinar will help us transform our virtual communications, so we impress and influence everyone we speak with. During it, you will learn what the world’s best communicators do, and how we can master the four elements of the perfect virtual communication.

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>> How The Big Issue’s had to pivot towards the unexpected in the face of a crisis

Thursday 25 June 2020

For The Big Issue street vendors, whose only income comes from selling the magazine, the UK Government lockdown due to COVID-19 has been devastating. They can no longer sell the magazine for the foreseeable future and have no way to earn a living. In response, The Big Issue has had to pivot their entire business model in a short space of time.

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