The FIPP Insider Podcast takes a look at how the media industry is being shaped by culture, technology and emerging business models.

It is published by FIPP – Connecting Global Media and presented by journalists and podcasters Charlotte Ricca and Ashley Norris, who have written extensively about media and technology.

In each episode they are joined by industry experts and thought leaders, and ask the questions you want answered.




FIPP Insider Podcast Episode 1: Key moments in media over the last decade

In the inaugural episode of FIPP Insider, we take a look back at the past 10 years in publishing. Charlotte pulls out an article Ashley wrote back in 2010 and discovers whether his outlandish predictions, such as Twitter taking over Facebook and the death of print media, actually came true.

Then, to find out what really happened, Charlotte and Ashley chat with FIPP CEO James Hewes, who runs through some of the key ways that media has changed over the last decade.


FIPP Insider Podcast Episode 2: The next decade in media 

After taking a look back at the pivotal moments in publishing over the last decade, FIPP Insider now looks ahead at the next 10 years. With the help of industry experts, Ashley and Charlotte explore the three key areas shaping the media: technology; business and finance; and culture.


FIPP Insider Podcast Episode 3: How startups are empowering publishers to create paid-for content

In this latest episode of FIPP Insider we take a look at one of biggest challenges in media: paid-for online content. We speak to four start-ups who have developed new ways to reduce friction when making payments.



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