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[FIPP Insight Report] Subscription boxes: How to make ecommerce a steady revenue stream

For publishers, multi-platform and brand-focused media houses, there has been a push towards reader revenue these past few years. New investments in live events, exponential expansion into brand licensing, and exploration of other marketplaces including ecommerce, have provided diverse new streams of revenue. 


This move to monetisation of consumer revenue is one of the largest shifts in the past decade, wrote FIPP CEO James Hewes in the Innovation in Media 2019- 2020 World Report. It won’t stop there.


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Download the report here


In this report, produced in partnership with Zephr, FIPP aims to provide you with a guide on how to start your membership boxes strategy and convert it into a revenue source. It answers some of your most pressing questions about subscription boxes and how to launch yourselves into this million-dollarmarket, helping you find solutions and opportunities for your business.




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