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FIPP Insider Podcast Episode 3: How startups are empowering publishers to create paid-for content

In this latest episode of FIPP Insider we take a look at one of biggest challenges in media: paid-for online content. We speak to four start-ups who have developed new ways to reduce friction when making payments.

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First up we have Dominic Young, founder of Axate, which is a digital wallet that enables media companies to take casual, instant payment for articles on a pay-to-read basis. The Axate wallet sits in the corner of every enabled site and product, and contains a cash balance which users have pre-paid. When they read one of your paid items, the cost is automatically deducted from their balance. 

We then speak to Tony Haile founder of high-profile startup Scroll, which claims to be a “membership to a better internet”. Its monthly subscription service directly funds Scroll partner sites so they don’t have to rely on ads to make their money. Tony claims this means users get a better, cleaner, faster internet, with no ads and 80 per cent fewer trackers.


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Next up is Jason Bade from Pico, a Brooklyn-based startup founded in 2016. Pico is an ‘audience relationship management’ platform that offers a 360 solution for paid-for online content, by empowering publishers to manage registrations and email signups, build audience funnels, and ultimately charge readers for content.

Finally we hear from Mattias Liivak from PayRead, which is a mobile payment platform that aims to take the friction out of paywalls. Built by Fortumo, the platform connects service providers with more than 280 mobile operators across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and is used by thousands of digital merchants including Google, Spotify and Amazon.



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