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FIPP Insight Awards 2019: Pay Attention, Magnetic, UK Shortlisted research campaign of the FIPP Insight Awards 2019. Pay Attention aimed to get the industry, specifically advertisers and agency planners to pay attention to the strengths of magazines and to change perceptions around the effectiveness and value of the medium.
FIPP Insight Awards 2019: Inspiration Points, ARI - the Spanish Magazine Media Association Shortlisted research campaign of the FIPP Insight Awards 2019. The aim of the campaign was to bring magazines closer to professionals working in media agencies.
2018 Global Digital Subscription Snapshot Report Digital subscription revenue displacing digital advertising as a core revenue stream In an effort to cast light on the success media are enjoying in the digital subscription arena, FIPP has created the first Global Digital Subscription Snapshot. Covering nearly 10 million digital subscriptions by title, the report finds that paid content success requires investment, intelligent application of analytics, an understanding of the local market and leveraging the emotional connection to a brand.
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Melissa Rosenthal, Cheddar A new kind of media for a new generation
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Breton Fischetti, Business Insider How Insider Inc. helps readers and generates revenues through commerce
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Aller Media From magazine publisher to data business
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Matt Monahan, Arc Publishing, WashPo Speed and innovation: Using technology to drive growth at The Washington Post
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Daniel Sieberg, Civil The decentralised marketplace for sustainable journalism
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Ingo Rübe, Bot Labs Blockchain and the future of media
DIS 2018 speaker presentation: Helje Solberg, VGTV Lessons from Schibsted's money-making video machine
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