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  • [Download] Global Digital Subscription Snapshot 2020 Q3

    Few industries have been spared the brutal shift in consumer behaviour and economic fallout resulting from the global Coronavirus pandemic. For those with a strong focus on digital subscription revenue, the pandemic has delivered a bounty of surging interest in high quality, authoritative and trusted content. But, what comes as a blessing for some, also delivers a brutal blow with accelerated declines in advertising and print revenues. 

    Published 28 July 2020 Insight News
  • [FIPP Insight Report] Virtual events: How to thrive in the new normal

    Our latest FIPP Insight Report looks at the explosion of virtual events in magazine media during the pandemic – and beyond. The report, authored by Sadie Hale, examines the current state of play at this unique time in history, exploring online event formats, revenue options, and the wider ways publishers can benefit from entering this space. With insights from Tortoise Media (UK), FIPP staff, and communications experts, the report also features practical tips on getting started, running events smoothly, and avoiding potential pitfalls.

    Published 15 July 2020 Insight News
  • [Download] MPA Magazine Media Factbook

    Produced by MPA - the (US) Association of Magazine Media, the publication is one of the most widely sourced and relied upon tools in the industry. The Factbook features noteworthy research, useful statistics and compelling facts that articulate how magazine media is unique and its effectiveness compared to other media.

    Published 15 July 2020 Insight News
  • All six sessions from FIPP Insider New Zealand now available to view online

    For those who missed the event in real-time, we have now uploaded all six sessions from this year’s first ever FIPP Insider New Zealand event online to our YouTube channel. They’re free to view and you can find a short guide to each individual session below. 

    Published 15 July 2020 Insight News
  • [Webinar video] How The Big Issue pivoted quickly from street vendor to multi-channel during lockdown

    As not only a print, but also a street-sold publication, The Big Issue faced serious challenges when the global coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown hit the UK. Here, Managing Director, Russell Blackman, talks us through how the publication responded.

    Published 06 July 2020 Insight News
  • [Download] Publishing and climate change: How the industry is taking action

    [Sponsored by UPM Communication Papers] The urgency of climate change is clearly on people’s minds. Increased media coverage has helped stoke public awareness, while the clear need to strengthen the global response to this threat has led to the signing of the Paris Agreement1, which aims, among others, to limit global temperature rise to well below 2°C. 

    Published 30 June 2020 Insight News
  • June 2020 update: Publishing in the times of pandemic

    The way industries respond to a crisis determines how they will respond to a disaster in the future. The impact of Covid-19 on publishing has brought with it an existential crisis for many. It has also brought innovation and resilience.

    Published 17 June 2020 Insight News
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FIPP newsletters allow you to keep up with industry trends, research, training and events across the world


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