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  • How artificial intelligence is set to impact media

    Artificial intelligence is a key technology that will transform many industries in the coming years. It is already playing an important role in the media, largely driven by the experiments of platforms like Google and Facebook.

    Published 15 October 2017 Features
  • How Auto Bild capitalises on a megatrend

    Worldwide interest in the technology that connects vehicles to the internet of things has prompted Axel Springer to develop a new brand - Connected Car. Its content has not only been integrated into existing brands but also lead to the development of new products and services, opening up new revenue streams for the publisher.

    Published 15 October 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from September

    Apple offends the online advertising industry, tech disruption causes further media-political blurring, Twitter doubles down on character length, and while all of that’s going on, Quartz drops the hottest augmented reality news app of the season – it’s another month in media tech trends!

    Published 02 October 2017 Features
  • Emerging tech for publishers: Google exec on the status of VR

    VR has been lauded as the next big opportunity for publishers to deliver a better experience for their audiences. Greg Ivanov, BD Google Play Apps & Games, shares his views on where VR currently stands and how publishers can embrace it…

    Published 28 September 2017 Features
  • Quartz makes the news with augmented reality

    Atlantic Media owned publication Quartz has added an augmented reality (AR) layer to its mobile news app, presenting audiences with a new way to consume global business news and current affairs. We spoke to product manager, John Keefe, about how the new innovation will be used to change the way audiences are served mobile content.

    Published 21 September 2017 Features
  • NBC's Snapchat show highlights promise of daily, mobile short-form content

    It's been just over a month since NBC launched a twice-daily news show on Snapchat called "Stay Tuned," and the mobile format has already pulled in more than 29 million viewers.

    Published 06 September 2017 Features
  • A 'robot' attended DIS. We interviewed him... With artificial intelligence and machine learning increasingly dominating the media-tech conversation in 2017, we weren’t too surprised to find a “robot” in attendance at the Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) earlier this year. We spoke to him about, among other things, attending live events in machine form. See the video and hear and/or read what he said... Published 07 June 2017 Features
  • Go ahead and laugh, but chatbots matter. Be ready now INNOVATION Media Consulting recommends: We in media have an unfortunate history of pooh-poohing new tech, and then being late to the party (“This internet thing is a passing fad.”) Chatbots are the latest party, and it’s already a rocking affair. You can laugh. You can have your doubts. You can point to the failures (did you really think a new tech wouldn’t have failures?) What you cannot do is sit back and wait. Published 22 May 2017 Insight News
  • Five media tech trends from March With so many innovations and announcements now taking place in our industry on a daily basis, it can sometimes seem difficult to keep track. Here, FIPP takes a look at five of the highest trending topics from throughout the media-tech sector in the month of March. Published 31 March 2017 Features
  • Condé Nast Britain's Wired and Ars Technica combine their marketing power to create Wired Media Group Wired UK and Ars Technica UK are combining their marketing power with the creation of a single commercial team to be known as the Wired Media Group, it was announced today by Nicholas Coleridge, managing director and Albert Read, deputy managing director of Condé Nast Britain. This new division will be under the leadership of Group Commercial Director Nick Sargent. Published 07 March 2017 Industry News
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