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  • 100 years of Forbes… and the future to come

    As Forbes celebrates its 100th birthday on 15 September, president and chief operating officer Michael Federle talks to us about the brand’s legacy and values and how they play into what they plan for the future.

    Published 11 September 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from August

    August was an interesting month in media tech. With reports of fading fortunes in the agency and tech sectors, media owners seemed to fare more positively, with a raft of new revenue models being written about. Here, we look at five of the key media tech trends to emerge from the month.

    Published 04 September 2017 Features
  • How Seventeen reaches out to it’s teenage audience, one immersive summer experience at a time

    Hearst’s Seventeen magazine is building on a program it launched a year ago, after finding success with The Seventeen Fashion Experience. The program is a fashion summer camp for junior and high school students, that not only functions as a revenue stream, but allows the magazine media brand to stay in touch with and learn from its teenage audience.

    Published 21 August 2017 Features
  • Azeem Azhar - the evolution of media and technology is both predictable and unpredictable

    For the last fifteen or so years Azeem Azhar has been a key commentator on the intersection of technology and online media. He has worked with both mainstream media companies like Reuters, The Guardian and the BBC alongside social startups like Peerindex and Mink Media. In many different capacities and different guises Azeem has been asked to predict the future, and many people are eager to hear what he has to say.

    Published 09 August 2017 Features
  • Dear Marketers: You need branding to keep pace with conversions!

    Challenging times have led businesses to be obsessed with chasing conversions… which can be at the expense of the brand. Just look at what happened in the recent chaos which saw many brand owners freezing their adspend on Google and Youtube, following the realisation that their ads are appearing alongside offensive content on these platforms.

    Published 04 August 2017 Opinion
  • Five key media tech trends from July

    In a dramatic end to the month, another White House communications professional was removed from office, while Facebook reportedly had to shut down two artificial intelligence systems after they invented a language of their own and began conversing in it. Here, we look at the stories that made the media-tech headlines in July, and beyond to some of the more specific trends shaping our industry today.

    Published 02 August 2017 Features
  • Time is now running out

    This Monday is your last chance to save on joining us at the 41st FIPP World Congress, when our discounted Early Bird offer, worth savings of hundreds of pounds, expires.

    Published 28 July 2017 FIPP News
  • How the New York Times could thrive by going digital-only, and other top news

    Each week, we round up the stories in digital innovation, publishing, and magazine media that got people talking.

    Published 28 July 2017 Industry News
  • FIPP Insight Awards: Winning research revealed

    Magnetic’s New Influencer Ecosystem research has been awarded Overall Winner of the FIPP Insight Awards 2017. It tops the list of studies rewarding the use of magazine media as an advertising medium, anywhere in the world. Gold Award Winners included Magazine Networks Australia’s Passion Response Study and Time Inc. UK’s Live the Passion research.

    Published 27 July 2017 FIPP News
  • [Congress speaker Q&A] How Ebner Media targets special interest audiences with effective advertising

    Effective advertising within the special interest publishing environment is not nearly as complex as it seems if you can tap into data to help identify the right content, utilise multi-channel touchpoints and remain faithful to the value of print. In fact, says Gerrit Klein, chief executive at Germany’s Ebner Media Group, sometimes good advertising isn’t even advertising at all.

    Published 25 July 2017 Features
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