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Join media expert Andreas Pfeiffer and WoodWing for an exclusive, free webinar

Andreas Pfeiffer ()

Attention all magazine media publishers and creators of amazing content, here is a webinar designed especially for you. WoodWing has teamed up with renowned industry expert Andreas Pfeiffer from Pfeiffer Consulting for a 30-minute power webinar.

Date:  Wednesday 15th March

Time:  10am - 10.30am (CET)

Cost:  FREE


Andreas will provide participants with deeper insight into (including but not limited to):

• Adapting magazine media workflows to include digital

• Streamlining the revision and publication process

• Using web-based solutions to speed up team collaboration

WoodWing is specialist in creating the most efficient multi-platform publishing solutions for top magazine media companies worldwide with their next generation Enterprise platform. 

Following Andreas’ presentation, the company will provide a brief, exclusive sneak peek into how the next generation of their Enterprise solution can be used to create digital and print content simultaneously.

Join Andreas and WoodWing for this once-off, exclusive and free webinar. Register now.

About Andreas Pfeiffer

A specialist in providing market-specific research and consulting to media producers and technology providers, Andreas has experience in driving magazine publications to success. His work has been highlighted in newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and Wired.

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