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Hearst and Airbnb partner to launch Airbnbmag

Hearst and Airbnb unveiled the pilot issue of Airbnbmag, hitting newsstands in US and Canada on 23 May.

The announcement was made by Hearst Magazines president of marketing and publishing director Michael Clinton, Hearst Magazines chief content officer Joanna Coles and Airbnb CEO and head of community Brian Chesky. 

Airbnbmag offers an insider’s view of global destinations echoing the spirit and reach of Airbnb. Driven by trends and insights gleaned from the Airbnb community of hosts, local insiders and experienced voyagers who provide on-the-ground perspective on cities, neighbourhoods and scenic spots, Airbnbmag encourages readers to be travellers, not simply tourists, in destinations around the world. Destinations featured in the pilot issue include Austin, Australia, Bali, Cuba, London, Malibu, Savannah and Seattle.

“Travelers around the world are constantly looking for new inspiration and insight - whether to uncover hidden gems and discover unique destinations or plan for their next trip,” said Chesky. “Our community will provide the perfect lens for readers of Airbnbmag to discover the world, learn about new neighborhoods and hear great stories.”

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Four feature sections anchor the issue: “The Local,” an insider’s look at how to eat, play and shop around the world; “Stay,” featuring Airbnb properties, tips and hacks for making anywhere feel like home; “Roam,” destinations and stories to help readers dream up their next journey; and “Belong,” spotlighting true-life adventures. A column called “Not Yet Trending” profiles a location that has recently spiked in popularity according to Airbnb data but has not yet landed on the map as a mainstream travel locale.

“Airbnb is changing the way we travel, the way we connect, and the way we see the world,” Coles said. “People want to be adventurers, explorers and locals, not tourists. Airbnb is at the leading edge of travel and Airbnbmag is the future of travel media.”

Contributors to the pilot issue include Mark Bittman, former New York Times columnist and author of How to Cook Everything, on the kitchen essentials to pack for an Airbnb experience; Chip Conley, Burning Man board member, on the best summer festivals around the world; and Jeff Wilser, author of Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life, on Hamilton’s haunts in New York City. Astronaut Mark Kelly and Elon Musk, founder of Space X and Tesla, discuss space travel, and Issa Rae, star of HBO’s Insecure, talks travel inspiration.

“Airbnbmag reflects a new sensibility that grew out of Airbnb’s disruption of travel in the 21st century,” said Clinton. “We’re sharing a fresh take on how to see the world by tapping into the evolving stream of activities and travel habits of millions in the Airbnb community.”

A second issue will be released in September.

Hearst is a member of FIPP.

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