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Behind the launch of Rodale’s Organic Life

Rodale’s Organic Life hit newsstands last week as one of this year’s most anticipated launches. The title, a reformulation of former flagship brand, Organic Gardening, is aiming at what it thinks is an underserved, eco-conscious audience, at a scale unprecedented in the segment.

Here, Folio: talks with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, James Oseland, and publisher, Ellen Carucci, about it’s connection to the past and some of the choices they’ve made in development.

Folio: You’ve been branding Rodale’s Organic Life as a lifestyle brand, but the magazine has strong roots in the epicurean segment, and the first cover is reflective of those roots. Is this a lifestyle magazine or an epicurean one?

Ellen Carucci: I think this is very much a lifestyle magazine because our four key content pillars are food, home, garden and wellbeing. The editorial hits on all of those points. While food may seem like a little more of an equal pillar than all the rest, at times, I’d say we’re definitely a lifestyle magazine.

Source: foliomag.com

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