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Here's what you missed at FIPP Asia-Pacific

Two days, 40+ speakers, and a Duck Tour. Here's everything you missed from last week's FIPP Asia-Pacific event in Singapore.

Over the course of event, we published stories from speaker sessions in FIPP Asia-Pacific. A summary of each story can be found below.

Kalli Purie FIPP Asia ()

India Today Group’s Kalli Purie on the ‘WhatsApp test’ for news

If you can’t send a story or piece of content via WhatsApp, you should question whether it should run. This came from Kalli Purie, group editorial director broadcast and new media, India Today Group, who added that the ‘WhatsApp test’ should be applied to breaking news in order to create shorter videos, shorter stories and therefore more compelling content.

Mediacorp CEO Shaun Seow on redefining the media game

Media convergence, the popularity of news aggregators, headline-grabbing acquisitions and headline-grabbing failures are all things we’re used to seeing in the media industry. But Shaun Seow, CEO of Mediacorp, says this is just the beginning...

Snapchat is now one of National Geographic’s key social media revenue drivers (via thedrum.com)

National Geographic has an impressive social media story to tell, not least because it can claim number one media brand on Instagram, but it’s Snapchat is already driving revenue for the business.

Chat apps are eating the world and video on mobile is the future, says Mobile Marketing Association MD

“Mobile is your best friend. An extension of your personality.” Although these statements are enough to make you shudder, they’re probably not far from the truth. Mobile Marketing Association Singapore’s MD, Rohit Dadwal, said that accepting this and understanding the “mobile shift” is the first step to making a success of the platform.

How FourFourTwo built its digital presence

In its first 20 years, football brand FourFourTwo had it all. 20 licensed editions around the world, unrivalled access to players and clubs, and huge respect from readers. But something needed to change.

Publishing in one of the world’s most demanding environments - Vietnam

Search, social and video are driving trends in Vietnam today. If your business isn’t aligned towards these then you’re doing something wrong, says Eric Olander, chief revenue officer and director, Ringier Labs, Vietnam.

Shueisha general manager: Print audience fuels ecommerce model

The largest publisher in Japan, Shueisha, realised it was time to enhance its offering when it witnessed online sales overtaking print in 2007. But developing its own ecommerce offering would be easier said than done…

Global Views Monthly magazine: Content fit for a multiplatform world

Five years ago, Global Views Monthly magazine began to explore methods of content distribution other than print, which led to some surprising results.

Research shows interactive formats make mobile ads more enjoyable

When it comes to mobile ad formats, interactive ads win out, according to a new study by Publicitas.

SPH Magazines: Creating ‘audience clusters’ to improve the ad sell

With so many messages being pushed to consumers today, audience targeting has never been more important. And when you want to target, it helps to have strength in numbers.

Download the speaker presentations here.

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