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Meredith Xcelerated Marketing launches innovation lab

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) and Creative Code and Content (C3) have partnered to launch the Global Content Marketing Network, to develop and deliver content marketing on a global scale. As part of that, they've created an innovation and marketing lab.

Based in New York, the innovation and marketing lab will research consumer technology, ad technology, and customer insight. The lab will be home to technologists, designers, visual artists and editorial staff. 

“We will explore new content types, we'll explore new measurement protocols, it'll be a joint kind of invention between C3 and MXM,” according to Dan Rubin, MXM's executive director of strategy. “It's a key part of the way in which we will continue to kind of be at the forefront, really, of what content marketing is. I think clients will see it as a point of differentiation.”

Dan Rubin ()

Above: Dan Rubin

The innovation lab will allow The Global Content Marketing Network to stay ahead of the curve, and the content formats consumers are expecting brands to be at, Rubin said. 

“For example, there could be a new connection between content marketing and location services,” he said. “And, while that's not the bread and butter of content marketing if you will, it'll be a way for clients to access the cutting edge.”

Going forward, Rubin is optimistic about the innovation lab.

“I hope we introduce clients to new forms of content that are just going to appear like a natural fit for their target audience,” he said. 

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a part of Meredith Corporation, is a strategic and creative agency based in the United States. C3 is Europe's leading content marketing network. Between the two, they provided fully integrated solutions for some of the world's most recognisable brands. Together, as the Global Content Marketing Network, they aim to deliver world-class solutions.

“We have in C3 a truly global partner who we can work alongside to develop performance-driven content and manage campaigns efficiently,” said MXM President Georgine Anton in a release.

The partnership aims to answer the need for a single partner for brands that deploy across multiple regions, across the globe, bringing together 1,200 staff in 18 offices across nine countries.

Meredith Corp is a member of FIPP.

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