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  • Monetising content - from distribution to subscription Diversifying revenue streams is naturally on top of the to do list of the execs of most publishers. It is a topic that was widely covered at DIS 2017 with a number of speakers addressing the issue of monetisation from a number of differing perspectives on Day 1 and Day 2. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • The battle for attention in a digital world [incl. video interview] What are publishers to do with an increasingly small share of digital ad spend?  This was a major discussion point at the Digital Innovators’ Summit this week, as the ad landscape has been hugely concentrated by two tech titans, who own almost half of all digital ad spend in the world, according to Geoff Ramsay, chairman and chief innovation officer at eMarketer. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • How VR, 3D will make journalism more immersive (plus what’s coming next) Jamie Pallot is at the forefront of virtual reality developments. A pioneer in the field, he is a co-founder, with Nonny de la Peña, of Emblematic Group, which is one of the world's leading producers of immersive virtual reality content. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • How chatbots are going to change the world and the media landscape Chatbots, computer programs designed to simulate conversations with humans, are going to radically change the media landscape and shift consumer behaviours yet again, Laurie Benson, CEO of Upnexxt , told a packed seminar at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2017 on Tuesday (21 March) in Berlin. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • Platforms as mass media, magazine media as niche and ‘why you should not outsource your future’ Published content drives daily news consumption and engagement on platforms all over the world. They (platforms) have become the new mass media. Magazine media are now in the niche media business, according to Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota, research associate at Harvard Business School and 2016 Nieman Fellow, presenting at Digital Innovators’ Summit yesterday in Berlin. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • Vivendi CEO highlights ‘five big opportunities for content creators’ There are five big opportunities right now for content creators. “Shared pain has been replaced by shared opportunity,” Vivendi CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine said at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2017 today (21 March). Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • How Wolters Kluwer reaches and converts the right audience Content is not enough for converting users to customers – the power of data and algorithms are important, because you can monitor people on past behaviour, Sergio Liscia, Digital and Business Development Director at Wolters Kluwer told delegates at Digital Innovators’ Summit 2017. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • Millennials and mobile prodigies: lessons on ad engagement, with Verve’s Ian James “I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about the opportunities that mobile has to offer.” So began a talk by Ian James on the afternoon of Day 1 of DIS 2017. As general manager at Verve, Ian is an expert on the evolution of digital across a range of brands, with over 15 years’ experience in traditional and digital media. Published 21 March 2017 MagWorld
  • Audience engagement: why a platform-appropriate content strategy is crucial Social media today is a channel not only to engage users, but also a channel that increasingly provides insight and is a tool for publishers to grow audience habits and reach. For NowThis, for example, the bottom line in audience engagement is about platform-appropriate content. "How you produce content is fundamentally different on Facebook compared to Snapchat. One format doesn't fit across the board," said Athan Stephanopoulous at DIS in Berlin. Published 20 March 2017 MagWorld
  • How news media brands are innovating in content creation and delivery Media companies all over the world are dealing with disruption on an ongoing basis. From the challenges posed by startups through to navigating their way through new platforms, things are always changing. Published 20 March 2017 MagWorld


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