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  • How The Economist built an award-winning engagement strategy Mobile-optimised content immersive experiences paired with direct response campaigns make for a successful marketing strategy, according to David Humber, marketing director, digital engagement at The Economist. Especially if the content is targeted at segments of its known audiences on topics that pique interest.  Published 10 January 2017 MagWorld
  • Rolf Heinz's 2017 media predictions Rolf Heinz, CEO Prisma Media/President G+J International Europe gives his thoughts on the year ahead... Published 10 January 2017 MagWorld
  • The problem with live video Last month Instagram added live video capabilities to its ever strengthening arsenal of features. The move was seen by many as another step forward in the Facebook-owned platform’s battle against Snapchat and its ephemeral appeal. But for brands this latest strive forward in consumer-to-consumer technology is just another example of social platforms cutting out the corporate side. In other words the on-going march of social media away from public sharing and back towards private messaging is making it harder than ever before for brands to be seen online. Published 20 December 2016 MagWorld
  • Media predictions for 2017 It's been a year where hopes rose over Facebook's metrics, only to be dashed a couple of months later, where migration to mobile dominated, where chatbots rose in popularity and VR took audiences to places and spaces they'd never been before. Over the last 12 months, we learned about the evolving use of mobile, algorithms, the blight of #fakenews, and opportunities for collaboration punctuated the digital space. Published 20 December 2016 MagWorld
  • Singapore Press Holdings on the journey from print to digital to video Geoff Tan is managing director of Singapore Press Holdings Magazines. Here, in this exclusive interview for FIPP, he talks about the evolving nature of publisher content from print, to digital, and now towards putting video at the forefront of a successful publishing strategy. Video communicates much more emotive engagement, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for advertisers and audiences alike. Published 20 December 2016 MagWorld
  • Social media levelled the playing field for digital publishers, says Business Insider founder Digital publishing made it possible for startups to compete with legacy publishers. Few have better proven this than Henry Blodget, founder and editor-in-chief of Business Insider, one of the fastest growing websites in the world. In a recent podcast with Media Masters’ host Paul Blanchard he explains why social media is one of his best allies. Published 20 December 2016 MagWorld
  • Challenges facing magazines discussed at Toronto panel It’s not easy being in the magazine business these days. That’s the conclusion of a recent panel discussion in Toronto, Canada, hosted by the Canadian Journalism Foundation. Published 20 December 2016 MagWorld
  • Meredith Xcelerated Marketing launches innovation lab Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) and Creative Code and Content (C3) have partnered to launch the Global Content Marketing Network, to develop and deliver content marketing on a global scale. As part of that, they've created an innovation and marketing lab. Published 13 December 2016 MagWorld
  • How to maximise the impact of your content Germany's Ebner Media Group looks at content from many different perspectives. For example: a long story is never just a long story, it is a collection of an array of facts, figures, data and elements that are called ‘minimum information units’ (MIUs). Combined with a ‘touchpoints matrix’, such MIUs can be powerful resources to maximise the impact of your content. Dominik Grau explains how. Published 13 December 2016 MagWorld
  • FIPP’s guide to live video in 2017 It’s been nine months since Facebook introduced its live video service and there is no discussion - Facebook Live is big. But they are not the only one on the market. What are some of the best examples of media and brands using live streaming, and will this service increase revenues in the upcoming year? Olga Nasalskaya investigates. Published 13 December 2016 MagWorld


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