• NYT launches in-depth and immersive travel magazine in China

    The New York Times launched a new magazine focusing on travel for the Chinese market Aug. 10, called “The New York Times Travel Magazine 新视线”. The magazine, which will come out six times a year, is published by Huasheng Media.

    Published 17 August 2017 Features
  • Christian Kallenberg on ‘touch and feel’ in a world of 'swipe and scroll'

    As a strong believer in the haptic experience of analogue media Christian Kallenberg has been championing the value of print within a multi platform strategy.

    Published 14 August 2017 Features
  • License to thrill

    Larry Sommers, vice president of Meredith Content Licensing, and Mike Lovell, who manages the international brand licensing business, explain how they revolutionised Meredith’s proposition – and how they’re equipping it for the future…

    Published 14 August 2017 Features
  • How video and social are perfect partner for news

    With social channels increasingly growing and demand for video also on the rise, the two are a perfect match for new coverage. Shadi Rahimi, video producer at AJ+, shares tips for success…

    Published 09 August 2017 Features
  • Azeem Azhar - the evolution of media and technology is both predictable and unpredictable

    For the last fifteen or so years Azeem Azhar has been a key commentator on the intersection of technology and online media. He has worked with both mainstream media companies like Reuters, The Guardian and the BBC alongside social startups like Peerindex and Mink Media. In many different capacities and different guises Azeem has been asked to predict the future, and many people are eager to hear what he has to say.

    Published 09 August 2017 Features
  • Taking the podcast to new heights - Saints of Somewhere

    Have we reached peak podcast yet? The format which debuted over a decade ago has come of age in the last few years with phenomenal listening figures on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Published 08 August 2017 Features
  • How cross-media alliances can take on the Facebook-Google duopoly

    It’s unlikely that the emergence of cross-media advertising alliances - such as those currently witnessed in Germany and France - will immediately impact Facebook and Google’s dominance in the digital market. Yet in an environment where change and disruption are the only constants you can bet on, these alliances are essential components of a possible fightback.

    Published 06 August 2017 Features
  • Five key media tech trends from July

    In a dramatic end to the month, another White House communications professional was removed from office, while Facebook reportedly had to shut down two artificial intelligence systems after they invented a language of their own and began conversing in it. Here, we look at the stories that made the media-tech headlines in July, and beyond to some of the more specific trends shaping our industry today.

    Published 02 August 2017 Features
  • How Quartz approaches online advertising with ‘less is more’

    As Quartz’s fifth anniversary approaches, they’ve approached online advertising strategy in a different manner than the majority of their contemporaries. Instead of covering their site pages with flashing, annoying ads, something reminiscent of a pinball machine, Quartz as a web property is deliciously appropriate.

    Published 01 August 2017 Features
  • How Ebner Media targets special interest audiences with effective advertising

    Effective advertising within the special interest publishing environment is not nearly as complex as it seems if you can tap into data to help identify the right content, utilise multi-channel touchpoints and remain faithful to the value of print. In fact, says Gerrit Klein, chief executive at Germany’s Ebner Media Group, sometimes good advertising isn’t even advertising at all.

    Published 25 July 2017 Features
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