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DIS2017 speaker presentation: Ian James, Verve Mobile How millennials and Gen Z are impacting mobile consumption and culture
Chart of the week: App usage still growing, but unevenly n the ten years since the inception of the smartphone, the handy programs that go with it have shown to be a staggering growth market. As research by Flurry shows (http://flurrymobile.tumblr.com/post/155761509355/on-their-tenth-anniversary-mobile-apps-start), app usage is still on the rise. For 2016 usage measured in sessions showed an average year-on-year growth of 11 percent. However, growth has become uneven and for the first time Flurry recorded some app usage falling off for certain categories. The world of messaging & social (Facebook, WhatsApp et al.) is still showing strong growth. Measured in time spent messaging & social grew 394 percent. Sports apps (e.g. watching live sports) came in second best. Health & fitness apps, of the likes that guide you through your exercises or track your achievements, fared well too. Other app usage is down. Most notably in the field of personalisation that allow you to customise your mobile. The darling of the mobile industry, gaming, lost out too! Also, the world of news & magazines is showing signs of slight cooling. “With news and magazines sessions down 5 percent and music, media and entertainment up only 1 percent, it’s safe to say that social has absorbed the media industry.” Flurry tracked 940,000 applications, across 2.1 billion devices, in 3.2 trillion sessions.
Innovation 2016 chapter: How to make mobile the monster it should be Innovation 2016 chapter on how to go mobile-only and replace desktop ads with mobile-friendly formats and contextually relevant ad messages
Chart of the week: Users engage with long form on mobile Since the dawn of the digital age news publishers have been on the front lines, having to adapt to the online world fastest. Although it’s still hard to make money from it, online has turned out to be the best way to disseminate news. News can be accessed fast and easy online, especially on mobiles. However, there is one long-standing prejudice against the online news consumer. He has a reputation for having a very short attention span, which in turn means that the shorter the news piece, the better. ‘Make it Twitter-length’, seems to have been the new motto. This isn’t the whole truth. Research by the PEW Research Center in partnership with Parse.ly shows, that the long-form has gained traction on mobiles. http://www.journalism.org/2016/05/05/long-form-reading-shows-signs-of-life-in-our-mobile-news-world/pj_2016-05-05_long-form-01/ On the one hand, there are much more short-form news articles than long-form pieces online. (Of the 74,840 articles accessed for the study only 24% were long-form, ≥ 1,000 words). But the average number of unique visitors (complete interactions) for the long-form is on par with that for the short-form. The extra length doesn’t put users off and they like engaging with the long-form, well, for longer. “When it comes to the relative time consumers spend with this content, long-form journalism does have a place in today’s mobile-centric society,” the PEW report concludes.
Digital Innovators' Summit 2016 Special Report This FIPP Insight Special Report, compiled by Ashley Norris and Sadie Hale, highlights some of the key discussions from the FIPP/VDZ Digital Innovators' Summit which took place 21-22 March 2016 in Berlin, Germany.
7 key themes from FIPP Middle East and Asia, 10-11 February 2016 Chris Llewellyn, FIPP president and CEO, presents 7 key themes from FIPP Middle East and Asia, 10-11 February 2016.
Chart of the week: The fastest-growing App categories in 2015 Over the past few years, smartphones and tablets have completely changed the way we interact with media. We may still be listening to the radio, read the news and or watch television shows, but more and more often we’re doing it on our mobile devices or, to be more precise, within apps. - See more at: http://www.fipp.com/news/insightnews/chart-of-the-week-the-fastest-growing-app-categories#sthash.le7VXEwZ.dpuf
FIPP Insight Special Report: Themes from the FIPP World Congress 2015 An in-depth look at the themes from the FIPP World Congress, 13-15 October 2015, Toronto, Canada
Chart of the week: Mobile media spend on the rise According to estimates published by McKinsey, mobile media spending (that includes consumer spending as well as advertising expenditure) will account for 37% of worldwide digital media spending in 2015. A chart from Statista shows the prediction forwards to 2019.
Forester Report: Make the most of analytics to meet your mobile objectives Mobile now represents more than 20% of overall traffic to websites and yet only 38% of marketers surveyed use a mobile analytics solution. The Forrester report provides insights from mobile marketing executives and outlines the steps to take to measure and optimise mobile initiatives.
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