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Piet van Niekerk is content writer at Content Cows.

  • Diversification boosts Haymarket’s B2B brands

    Diversified revenue mixes within Haymarket Business Media, including events and data driven advertising has boosted business over the last couple of years, especially within the B2B environment, says Tim Lomas, commercial manager of Haymarket’s Energy and Environment Division.

    21st Aug 2017 Features
  • How cross-media alliances can take on the Facebook-Google duopoly

    It’s unlikely that the emergence of cross-media advertising alliances - such as those currently witnessed in Germany and France - will immediately impact Facebook and Google’s dominance in the digital market. Yet in an environment where change and disruption are the only constants you can bet on, these alliances are essential components of a possible fightback.

    6th Aug 2017 Features
  • How Ebner Media targets special interest audiences with effective advertising

    Effective advertising within the special interest publishing environment is not nearly as complex as it seems if you can tap into data to help identify the right content, utilise multi-channel touchpoints and remain faithful to the value of print. In fact, says Gerrit Klein, chief executive at Germany’s Ebner Media Group, sometimes good advertising isn’t even advertising at all.

    25th Jul 2017 Features
  • How Hearst UK unlocks significant value with revenue stream diversification Hearst Magazines UK embraced the challenge of looking beyond traditional business models to drive income through diversification roughly six years ago. Today the publishing giant says a significant slice of its income is derived from brand extensions, events, content marketing, and videos. 9th Jul 2017 Features
  • How Mondadori in Italy turned a website into a top selling print magazine Italy’s Mondadori publishing group has taken advantage of the popularity of its cooking website giallozafferano.it to reverse a trend and launch the first monthly cooking magazine in Europe born from a website. We spoke to Carlo Mandelli, general manager of Magazines Italy at the Mondadori Group, for more. 3rd Jul 2017 Features
  • Reuters Digital News Report 2017 highlights lessons for publishers across multiple markets Growth in social media for news discovery is flattening out, ad-blocking on desktop has stalled, brand recall on social is low, voice-activated digital assistants are emerging as news platforms in some countries and regions. If the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2017 makes one thing clear, it is that the digital revolution is full of contradictions and exceptions, for the simple reason that countries and regions across the globe started this revolution at different times and places and aren’t progressing at the same pace. 22nd Jun 2017 Insight News
  • How Aller Media Finland unlocked the value of data-for-profit In less than three years, Aller Media Finland has become the leading company in Finland to harvest consumer data as an income asset. Sami Lahtinen, director, data and digital solutions, and Sini Kervinen, head of business operations, data and digital solutions, explain how the establishment of the Aller Refinery data unit managed to place data at the heart of their business’s growth. 19th Jun 2017 Features
  • Publishers on FB Instant Articles: like it, don’t like it, don’t know… It might be bluntly stated but these days there are three types of digital publishers: those who love Facebook’s Instant Articles, those who don't, and those who simply have no idea. Whichever camp you fall into, it is dividing opinion in the digital publishing landscape despite coming with a warning: if you turn your back on the masses, they might just trample you to death.  16th Jun 2017 Features
  • How WoodWing provides innovative software to benefit publishers, brands [Sponsored] International publishing software developer, WoodWing Software in the Netherlands, will launch its new multi-channel content creation platform, Enterprise Aurora later this year. New chief executive officer Jan de Roos explains how this innovation will assist publishers to realise their full potential.  12th Jun 2017 Features
  • Glamour Spain at 15: celebration with eyes firmly fixed on the future

    Glamour magazine in Spain is celebrating its 15th birthday, having established itself as the best selling magazine on newsstands in the country since its very first edition. Alicia Parro, Editor in chief, told FIPP how they plan to toast their success.

    11th Jun 2017 Features


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