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Jessica Patterson is a Canadian media professional. A digital native, Jessica is passionate about innovation and media and obsessed with magazines, photography and multiplatform strategy.

  • Here’s more on how Facebook wants to better collaborate with you In the past week, Facebook upped its efforts to work collaboratively with media partners on areas ranging from storytelling to content monetisation with the launch of its Facebook Journalism Project. We asked Fidji Simo, director of product at Facebook, to tell us more. 19th Jan 2017 MagWorld
  • How The Economist built an award-winning engagement strategy Mobile-optimised content immersive experiences paired with direct response campaigns make for a successful marketing strategy, according to David Humber, marketing director, digital engagement at The Economist. Especially if the content is targeted at segments of its known audiences on topics that pique interest.  10th Jan 2017 MagWorld
  • Rolf Heinz's 2017 media predictions Rolf Heinz, CEO Prisma Media/President G+J International Europe gives his thoughts on the year ahead... 10th Jan 2017 MagWorld
  • Media predictions for 2017 It's been a year where hopes rose over Facebook's metrics, only to be dashed a couple of months later, where migration to mobile dominated, where chatbots rose in popularity and VR took audiences to places and spaces they'd never been before. Over the last 12 months, we learned about the evolving use of mobile, algorithms, the blight of #fakenews, and opportunities for collaboration punctuated the digital space. 20th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • Challenges facing magazines discussed at Toronto panel It’s not easy being in the magazine business these days. That’s the conclusion of a recent panel discussion in Toronto, Canada, hosted by the Canadian Journalism Foundation. 20th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • Meredith Xcelerated Marketing launches innovation lab Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) and Creative Code and Content (C3) have partnered to launch the Global Content Marketing Network, to develop and deliver content marketing on a global scale. As part of that, they've created an innovation and marketing lab. 13th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • Time Inc. UK research reveals new insight into Millennials Millennials are not all the same, and by not recognising different segments of this generation, publishers and advertisers may be missing out. That's the message from Time Inc. UK, whose new research "The New Mainstream" reveals six diverse audience segments within the Millennial population in the UK, as well as their influences and how they interact. 6th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • How Meredith's programmatic advertising is evolving This month, Meredith announced a partnership with The Trade Desk, to launch the latest evolution in its programmatic advertising strategy: programmatic shoppable display. 28th Nov 2016 MagWorld
  • Visualising real time analytics With millions of posts and conversations happening each minute around the globe, visualisation of social and web analytics in real time has become an important tool for publishers' data science and analytics insight teams. Publishers are taking a deeper look at analytics – by visualising real time data – and benefiting from the results. 22nd Nov 2016 MagWorld
  • “40 million steps” - a feature by Runner's World In a new series, we're profiling some of the most unique multimedia features created, developed and published by FIPP members. Our first feature describes Rodale brand Runner's World's first multimedia feature, “40 million steps,” which was nominated for a National Magazine award and won a MIN award in 2015. 15th Nov 2016 MagWorld


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