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Jamie Gavin September 2016 ()

Jamie Gavin is managing director of inPress Online.

  • BBC Worldwide on its exclusive content partnership deal with Snapchat

    BBC Worldwide is the latest high profile media brand to create exclusive content for Snapchat. Here, in this exclusive interview for FIPP, Daniel Winner, Director of Digital Partnerships at BBC Worldwide, talks us through the intricacies of the partnership, the potential benefits it brings, and how this development feeds into the Company’s wider new media strategy.

    3rd Mar 2017 MagWorld
  • Publishers ‘missing out on huge tech R&D investments made around them’

    R&D budgets play a huge part in the advancement of digital publishing, as does the development of new technology platforms and services. However, there still exists greater opportunity for collaboration between traditional media companies and the emerging technology platforms that are increasingly helping to deliver content online.

    28th Feb 2017 MagWorld
  • Three industry insiders on journalism in 2017 With fake news, ‘alternative facts’, and unverified reporting making the headlines the traditional journalist-reader relationship is under scrutiny like never before at the start of 2017. Indeed, this discourse is not limited to the news media.  3rd Feb 2017 MagWorld
  • Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project shows strong results for publishers

    Google recently celebrated the first anniversary of its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project with some strong results for publishers. The Washington Post increased returning users by 23 per cent, Wired increased click-through rates from search results by 25 per cent, and Gizmodo gained a 50 per cent increase in impressions per pageview. During this time, the project has seen more than 700,000 websites together create 600m+ ‘AMP’d’ pages.

    26th Jan 2017 Insight News
  • The problem with live video Last month Instagram added live video capabilities to its ever strengthening arsenal of features. The move was seen by many as another step forward in the Facebook-owned platform’s battle against Snapchat and its ephemeral appeal. But for brands this latest strive forward in consumer-to-consumer technology is just another example of social platforms cutting out the corporate side. In other words the on-going march of social media away from public sharing and back towards private messaging is making it harder than ever before for brands to be seen online. 20th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • Singapore Press Holdings on the journey from print to digital to video Geoff Tan is managing director of Singapore Press Holdings Magazines. Here, in this exclusive interview for FIPP, he talks about the evolving nature of publisher content from print, to digital, and now towards putting video at the forefront of a successful publishing strategy. Video communicates much more emotive engagement, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for advertisers and audiences alike. 20th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • The organic feel of mobile video is the current flavour of the internet We've spoken many times about the need for the publishing industry to wake up to the power of mobile video. In a world where celebrities can broadcast live from phone to fan-base, the desire to create Hollywood production style videos for an increasingly mobile audience has undoubtedly slowed down output. Here, Kalli Purie, group editorial director, India Today Group, talks about the growing need for publishers to create content that is more indicative of the devices it is consumed on, and the increasingly visual web. 6th Dec 2016 MagWorld
  • The risks and rewards of a shifting mobile media landscape Rohit Dadwal is managing director of the Mobile Marketing Association, Asia Pacific. We caught up with him recently at FIPP Asia, where he gave us a candid insight into the evolving use of mobile devices on a global basis. As the phone moves out of people’s pockets and increasingly – and relentlessly – into their hands, we are reaching a point where mobile media consumption, and therefore production, is becoming an ongoing necessity. 28th Nov 2016 MagWorld
  • Publishers are still focussed on Facebook and Twitter, while chatbots take over the world Private messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are growing in popularity, as consumers seek a more personal communications experience online. Here in this exclusive interview, Laurie Benson, CEO of Upnexxt, explains that it’s pointless to try and evade the future: the Bots are coming. And unlike in the slow response shown in the early days of social media, Publishers this time around need to move faster to capitalise on this trend. 22nd Nov 2016 MagWorld
  • Evolving mobile advertising: new research shows creative formats work best Mike Jeans is global head of insight at Publicitas, an independent media and marketing consultancy company that connects brands to audiences. Having recently headed up an innovative research project into the effects of different types of mobile advertising formats, we asked Mike to give us an insight into the effects of more interactive advertising versus static formats. 15th Nov 2016 MagWorld


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